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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Pan

This week's trash to treasure project is a fun one. We are going to start out with the lid from a tube of lip balm and end up with a cooking pot. I kind of loosely based the pot on one of my favorite real life cooking pots.

We really don't need a lot of materials or tools for this project.

The lid, mentioned earlier, a clear one is best.
Some black bugle beads, a small black round bead, some 12 ga aluminum wire (from the dollar store), some clear plastic packaging, silver paint, and some super glue. You will also need a 7/16” dowel (or something similar) to form the wire edge for the lid.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Cabinets Part 5

This week we are going to be starting to work on the top cabinets for our kitchen project. The main thing to remember about the top cabinets is that they are not as deep as the bottom ones are. In my case my top cabinets turned out to about 1 1/8” deep while the bottom cabinets are 1 7/8” with the counter top being 2” deep. This gives that nice set back that a real kitchen has. You can of course adjust the measurements to suite how you want to have your finished kitchen.

So that my kitchen all matches I am using more of the same paper to cover my top cabinets that I used for the bottom ones. You can use whatever you want to use on yours to make your kitchen really yours. The top run of cabinets can even be a different color than the bottom ones if you want. If you need inspiration just Google some pictures of kitchens and see what is out there.

The link for making the paper I am using is in the video for part 2 of our kitchen project.

The most important thing this week is to measure correctly! Just take you time and draw a diagram like I did if that will help you. I know it helps me to get every thing cut correctly.

I know that in the photos this week the paper doesn't look smooth, that is because the glue is still drying. I am confident that when the glue dries everything will be nice and smooth. This always happens when large pieces of paper are applied with a wet glue. I decided to go with the wallpaper border paste (a wet glue) because I wanted to be sure that the paper stayed glued down. I am not as confident in the staying power of a glue stick. I did use the glue stick on the fronts for two reasons. On the larger surfaces I didn't want take chances that the glue would take forever to dry. And secondly I knew that I would be gluing over the folded over edges with the long strips that cover the sides, bottom and top of the cabinets.
If the fronts are not as securely glued down it really won't matter so much.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Tools for Making Dollhouse Miniatures- X-Acto Small Mitre Box

For this month's tool video I thought I would talk about another of my favorite (and useful) cutting tools, my X-Acto Small Mitre Box and Razor Saw. I have had these for far longer than I have had the Easy Cutter. I do like that this set will cut thicker pieces of wood and that the cut is always very straight. They are a bit more work to use than the Easy Cutter which is why they don't get used as much.

a better look at the lip on the bottom
I do recommend that if you are looking for these you look at a local hobby store that caters to the model railroad builders. I usually find the best price on these in such stores. (take a bit of time to look at the other items in the store while you are there. I usually find several things to purchase on the average visit)

One of the features of the Razor Saw that I love is how easy it is to change the blade, and you can get many different blades for them. I think the one I had in the video that is at least the 5th blade portion I have had on that particular handle. You can get the blade portion in very coarse to very fine tooth configurations depending on what you are going to use it for.

Here is a link the X-Acto website so you can get a better look at the tool.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Cabinets Part 4

So sorry about the missing footage at the beginning, I was having strange problems with the software I use to edit and I had already deleted those parts from my camera.

As for making the pattern, all you need to do is cut some paper to small/medium sized pieces. Be sure to have some straight edges and some tight corners. Layer the pieces of paper to line up with the edges and use some tape to hold them together.

I have done this same process several other times in different videos when I have installed floor and wall coverings.

Use whatever you want for the cover for your counter top. I decided to make my own from some plain cardstock to coordinate with my tile back splash.

I used the back to a writing tablet for my counter top base. You could also use wood or whatever you have on hand. I really wanted to keep this simple and use materials that everyone has access to.

Did you notice the appliances on the counter in the photos? Those the from the video tutorials that are available to my Patreon supporters. I thought you might like to see what you are missing...

Here are the links to the Trash to Treasure videos that were mentioned in the video, the sink can be found here and the faucet here.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Kitchen Sink

This week for the Trash to Treasure project we are creating a kitchen sink. I figured this might be handy for those of you that are making the kitchen along with me.

I love this project since it is truly a trash to treasure project, we are using some common plastic packaging. For the single basin sink I used part of a package from some hardware I had purchased to do some home repairs. For the double sink I had some packaging from some of those wax cubes that go on the electric warmers. I'm sure you can find some packaging to use too.

The size of the single sink is 1” by 2” by about ½” deep. The double sinks are each 1” by 1” and about ¾” deep.

You can use any color of paint on your sink that you want. I wanted a white sink so I used white craft paint. Spray paint would work just fine too. I added a coat of black paint to outside to make the sink look more substantial and solid. Without the black layer some light might leak through the finish and make the sink look more translucent.

I made the mistake of adding my white coat of paint before the white was dry between the two basins of the double sink and it made a mess. I decided to leave that part in the video to show you we all make mistakes. I also took the time to explain how to fix it if it happens to you too.

For the drain I just added some standard eyelets from the fabric store. I did add a drop of super glue to help them stay put and I also added a piece of black cardstock to the bottom of the hole in the drain. That way we won't be able to see into the lower cabinets when the sinks are installed.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Tips for Dollhouse Miniature Crafting- Working with Foamcore

This week for our tips video I decided to talk a bit about foamcore. I use this product a lot in making projects and I do get more than a few questions about how to work with it. Today I am sharing just a few tips to address the most common questions.

I think the most important thing you can take away from this video is the proper angle of the knife blade when cutting the foamcore. A sharp blade held at a shallow angle to the surface of the foamcore will give you the best (smoothest) cut. 

Using a dull blade or holding the knife at a sharp angle to the surface will result in a rough, jagged cut.

As for gluing I love the method of using pins to hold the foamcore in place while the glue dries. You can either do I do and leave the pins in place or remove them once the glue is dry. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Cabinets Part 3

First let me apologize for not being in frame for the first part of the video. I had put the camera in a slightly different place than normal and I didn't realize that I wasn't in frame.

This week I was hoping to get a lot further but the weather has been cold and really wet to the point that it affected my drying times.

So the first thing we did was to add the trim to the area of the cabinets at the bottom. Really simple just a ¼” wide strip of our faux wood-grain. I like to glue on, let dry, then cut to the exact size. So much easier than cutting to exact size and trying to get it place correctly.

The bulk of this week's progress was the tile back-splash. I used the faux tile made on the score board with photo paper. I love this technique so much. It is easy and looks so much like real tile when you get done. The colors of Distress Ink that I used were: Vintage Photo, Wild Honey, and Scattered Straw. (just a hint, we are using the same inks along with some other things when we make the counter-top)

You can use whatever colors you want to make your tile, I was going for a warm look to mine and based the color choices on some tile I saw in a photo of a kitchen. You could also just put up a wallpaper of some type, either one that looks like wallpaper or one that looks like a painted wall. Again it all depends on the style/look you are going for.

I did use a spray Acrylic Sealer on my tile because I knew I was going to be gluing it and handling it a bit. This will help those water based inks to not run later on.