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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Nightgown

This week's video is a bit shorter than normal because it is just too hot here to sit under the filming lights for very long. My craftroom is around 90 today already.

So the project this week is a nightgown that can be displayed draped over a piece of furniture or in a shop. I love pieces like this because they set the stage in our mini scenes to make it appear that someone was just in the room and/or will be right back in the room. It just adds life to the mini scene.

This one is really simple because all you need is a piece of wide trim- either lace or eyelet from the fabric store. Look for a piece that is about 2 ½” to 3” wide. You want a piece that is flat as opposed to gathered. Try also to find a small design. I really like the one I found, it is just so pretty and looks like it would be very comfortable. (can you tell it has been too hot to sleep here)

If you don't want to use glue on your project feel free to sew it. I just feel that for this project the glue was a lot easier and faster. Glue the back seam, then glue on the shoulder straps and a top trim.

The shoulder straps are cut 1 ½” long and try to glue them on spaced evenly. I tried to get mine about halfway between the center and side on both the front and the back.

Then glue on the top trim to cover the top edge and hide the ends of the straps.

Now wasn't that easy? Just the perfect project for a really hot day.

Be sure to send me photos of your projects. And if you have ideas for future projects let me know!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Flyswatter

The end of summer and beginning of fall always means a lot more flies trying to get into the house. No matter how hard you try they seem to get in anyway. Especially if you have kids that go in and out all day long. At least that's how it is here where I live, on a farm.

I was browsing some photos of dollhouse scenes the other day and got to thinking that is really is the little things that make the scene more realistic. Things like a flyswatter off in a corner somewhere.

And think of the mini scenes you could stage with a flyswatter, how about a kid that has knocked something down in his eagerness to get that fly. Just let your imagination go wild and come up with something wonderful. Or for some realism just stick that flyswatter in logical place in the dollhouse that someone might notice while looking around (my real one reside on the top of my fridge at the back corner)

So for this project we really only need a couple of things some cardsock, some tulle, some fine wire and some glue. Along with cutting tools and a jumbo craftstick.

I picked a bright pink today mostly because I have 2 colors of tulle (white and bright pink) and I figured the pink would be easier for you to see. According to the Joann's website the tulle in the 6” wide rolls comes in around 30 colors and it is priced at under $5.

Once you have everything together fold the paper so you can work on a fold. Draw a line 3/16” from the fold then again at 1/8” from the fold. Next mark off ½” areas. Then mark the end cuts about 1/16” form one end and 1/8” from the other.

I find it much easier to cut out this little square area before I cut the shape away from the cardstock piece. Just be as neat and careful as you can be.

Be sure to cut the little corners off to give your flyswatter the iconic shape.

Now glue one of those shapes to the tulle and set aside.

Create the handle and then assemble the flyswatter.

It really is an easy project, it is just a bit fiddly trying to cut that inner shape out to create the frame of the flyswatter.

If you make a scene with your flyswatter I want to see it. Be sure to send me a picture or post one of the Facebook page.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Shelf

I was trying to do some organizing of some stuff in my office/craftroom and came across a box that held some of the extras I had made back when I was active in a lot of dollhouse miniature swap groups. For most swaps I would make at least one or two extras of the items I made just in case.

I had forgotten all about this little shelf but it was just so darn cute I decided to make one for you today. Originally I had made the shelf all from wood and I was sure I had a piece of the wood for the back. I looked all over and couldn't locate the wood so I subbed some heavy paperboard. This time from the back of a tablet. If you do use paperboard I suggest using a similar piece since this stuff is usually really thick. I still used a double layer just to be sure it was sturdy.

Cut the back piece 1 ½” by 1”

You will also need the shelf piece I used a regular size craft stick also cut to 1 ½”. For shelf supports use a piece of dollhouse miniature moulding, here is a link to a similar product. Look through your stash and see what you have on hand that might work.

For little coat/towel hooks I used the decorative end of some decorative toothpicks.

Just glue everything together and paint or finish as desired.

One the one from the swap box I had glued some little bottles made of beads to the shelf and I love how that looks. A mini box of Kleenex or a small vanity mirror would be really adorable too.

So that is how easy this one is.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Chenille Stem Teddy Bears

Watch the video here.

First please ignore how horrid my nails look this week. I felt they needed some time not having any polish or acrylic on them.

So this week we are making some really cute little teddy bears out of chenille stems. I love this project and I feel like this is just the tip of what can be made. Just think- longer ears you have a bunny, maybe the ears could be larger and bent down for a dog, let your imagination take hold and create an entire toy store of stuffed animals. If you do be sure to share a photo with me!

I usually use the tiny little glass seed beads for the eyes and nose but decided to try my Scribbles 3-D paint and I like the result. It is a lot easier to get the eyes and nose where you want them but the trade off is it doesn't look as nice as the beads. It is up to you which route you take to finish off the face.

I am always amazed by the difference in these little guys when I get the eyes and nose on. They go from just looking like a lump of chenille stems to a stuffed animal.

I know there are several different ways to make these guys this is just the way that works the best for me.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Toy Boats

I have still been working on trying to organize my craftroom/office and once again found myself distracted by looking at the magazines I was trying to put away. It is just so darn tempting to page through them as I sort them out. LOL (by the way the oldest one I have is from 1975, so the collection is huge)

As I was looking I happened upon a photo of a miniature bedroom for a little boy. One of the items that caught my eye was the collection of toy boats on a shelf. These were totally cute and although I didn't stop to read the article they looked pretty easy to re-create.

One again I pulled out the box that I put the small pieces of scrap wood into. It is just one of those plastic shoe boxes and it is pretty full. I have odds and ends of a lot of different types and shapes of wood. Some are off cuts from projects, some are leftover wooded pieces I have purchased and a few wooden beads have found their way in there as well as a few craft sticks.

I just grabbed an assortment of items and started playing with sticking them together.

I knew the boats needed to have pointed fronts so I got out my Eazy-Cutter since that is my favorite wood cutting tool for small bits. I also grabbed a couple of bottles of craft paint. It was really fun and after a little while I had a couple of little boats that looked pretty good I think.

Start with the base of your boat, I used some craft sticks (regular size and jumbo) and also some scraps of strip wood. Just keep scale in mind when you work on this.

I wanted my boats to be anywhere from a little over a ½” long to just under 1” long. I found I liked this part painted white the best but any color would work. I think a slightly larger one painted all in gray with black details might be really cool too.

I also painted an assortment of small beads, small dowels, and small strip wood at the same time. (I even got to use the drying rack I made for last week's tutorial)

When all the paint was dry I got out my glue and started to assemble my boats. I am not trying to replicate any real boats but I am sure it would be fun to do so. (If you do that be sure to send me a photo)

I was going to try to make some sail boats but totally forgot when I got started. To that all you would need to do is cut some triangles from cardstock and glue to the top of the base part. Maybe next time.

So this is certainly an open ended project. You can go so many directions with the basic idea and you could create an entire marina of boats.

Here are a couple more photos of the boats I have made so far.

Remember to share a picture with me if you do make some. I love to see what you are making too.

Also if you have something in particular you want to learn to make let me know maybe I can figure out a tutorial for it.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Drying Rack for Miniatures

For the last couple of weeks I have been doing a cleaning/organizing project in my craftroom/office. Things had gotten a bit messy (okay, let's be truthful here, a lot messy) and I had to do something to gain back some floor space.

As part of this project I have been re-organizing my huge collection of mini magazines and books that I have on hand. One problem with this is that from time to time I start browsing in the pages of those books and magazines instead of putting them where they belong. Anyway, while doing just this the other day I happened to come across a picture of a drying rack that someone had shared in one of those magazines many years ago. The design stuck in my head and I decided to come up with something very similar for my craft table. I think this is going to be a very useful tool so I had to bring you all along as I assembled it.

I didn't think to write down where I had seen the original, sorry, I know I should have but didn't even think of it at the time.

So for my version we need:

a piece of wood for the base. I was hoping for something a bit larger than what I ended up using but this is what I had on hand

a short piece of square wood strip around a ½” in size by 3” to 4” long, 1 end needs to be cut straight

4 wooden clothes pins with one side cut short

wood glue

super glue

I am once again using my two glue method of super glue to hole immediately and then wood glue to the work of holding my project together long term. I decided on wood glue this time because it gives a much superior bond with wood. In fact if properly cured the wood glue bond will be stronger than the wood itself.

Fist glue the piece of square strip wood to the base. The just glue the clothes pins as I showed on the video to the top.

Allow the project to dry at least overnight before using to allow the glue to cure.

My son pointed out that in his opinion the clothes pin clamps were backwards. He is left handed, so if you if you are like him, a lefty, simply face the clothes pins the other way. Then you have a tool that is customize to you.

I think this little tool is going to be very useful on my work table and I love that it was made with stuff I had on hand so it was free.

Andhere is a link to my other drying rack video in case you want to check that one out too.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Wood Coloring- Follow Up

This week we are finally getting back to our wood coloring experiment. I filmed the original video over a year ago. I had planned to do this follow up after 6 months but I totally forgot to. I even had it in my planner to do, it just got pushed out until it was forgotten. If you haven't seen that video (or don't remember it) you can find it here.

Someone had asked me a couple of months ago and I had intended to get to it but again I just never did. So I totally dropped the ball on this one. Someone asked me again on my Facebook page so I decided that rather than just plan to do this I would make myself do this first thing today.

Over all I really think this is a fun experiment. Would I use any of these products on projects? Sure, not all of them but some did turn out really well. I have already done tutorials using nail polish on wood, that has been a favorite of mine for years. I think I am going to have to plan out some project using some of these other things too. Now that being said, I would not use any of these to finish an expensive mini piece. These are for fun projects. I am not sure what the long term results would be.

So here are the photos original and follow up. Side by side so you can judge for yourself what worked and what didn't.

Coffee and Tea

Food color

Hair dye

Ketchup & mustard

Kool aid

Lip products


Nail polish

Red wine

Rit dye

Soy sauce

Wrapping tissue