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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Push Broom

Watch  the video here.

This week for Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you how to make a simple push broom out of a toothbrush. Once again this is a super easy project although it does require some cutting (you will need either an Easy Cutter or a small saw) and a drill.

The hardest part of this project was finding a toothbrush that had all white bristles and I had to settle for one made of clear plastic though I would have preferred to have one that was a solid color. Not a huge deal though.

Be very careful when cutting the head off the toothbrush it cuts fairly easily but does take a bit of pressure. Same with drilling the hole for the handle, take your time and ask for help if you are not well experienced with using a drill. I used a length of 1/8” dowel for the handle, if you don't have any you can use a wooden skewer from the kitchen just a easily. Just be sure to check the drill bit with the handle to get the right size hole.

You will need a glue that can hold the plastic and wood together. I used 527 glue but E6000 would also work. I think the secret is look for a slightly thick clear glue that smells bad, those seem to do the best for this kind of job.

Have fun with this easy project and check back next week for another trash to treasure project.

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