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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Toilet Bowl Brush

Join me for another Trash to Treasure Thursday project where I show you an old favorite project. We are going to take just 2 items (a cocktail straw and a white chenille stem) and create a really cute little toilet cleaning brush so your dolls can get some spring cleaning done.

I actually love this little project because for virtually no work you get a mini that looks pretty realistic. It's little touches like putting a toilet cleaning brush into the bathroom that adds that bit of reality to the dollhouse too. How many houses do you know of in real life that don't have one of these somewhere???

I do use glue in the video but this project will work just as well without the glue if you don't want to bother with it. I do like to cut the straw after I get the brush part attached but again that is up to you. Since this is such an easy project and would be a good one for kids it might make a fun group project if you happen to have a group of kids to teach (or even just one or two) For this you might want to cut all the parts ahead and let them put their own together with just a bit of guidance. It really is an easy enough project for the absolute beginner.

Speaking of beginners, many of these T2T projects are that easy but they are still fun for those of us that have been making minis for years. So take a break from the complicated and do some easy, fun and stress free T2T projects. 


  1. Thanks, Joanne! It's a cute and simple project to make.

  2. Hi Jonane! Ditto Lucille's comment; This is simple and cute and looks like the real thing! I wonder, could you use a cut down cotton swab for the handle if you don't have a coffee stir stick?


  3. Thank you, these are so easy and make great gifts. They add an interesting detail to any bathroom.

  4. What a great idea. And so easy to make. I just made one for my home.