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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dollhouse Miniature Candles and Holders

Watch  the video here.

This week on Trash to Treasure Thursday I show you a super easy, super fast way to create some candles in holders for the dollhouse.

For this project you will need some small eyelets, I got mine in the craft store with the scrapbooking supplies. They are quite a bit smaller than the ones we use for sewing as you can see in the video. They come in both a chrome color and a brass so you have some options there.

For the candle portion I going old school and using a simple round tooth pick. This has been around forever and still works for a simple project. It is also so inexpensive.

I used craft paint to paint my tooth picks, I choose to use white but feel free to use what ever color goes best in your dollhouse. Candles come in a rainbow of colors so pick your favorite.

I cut my “candles” 1” long to represent 12” candles, again candles come in lots of sizes so you get to decide what will work best in your display.

The dot of bright orange for a “flame” is totally optional and could also be added when you are all done if you want to see how they look without it first.

To get the candles to stick to the interior of the eyelets I used the old cotton soaked in glue trick. I've used this before a few times on my videos and it is a good way to help things stick together when there is room for the extra bulk the cotton brings.

I like to let mine dry on my work tile and then simply pop the finished candles off when the glue is completely dry. You may need to trim the bottom of your finished candles, I had to trim one of mine.

Again this is a project that is meant to be fun, so have fun doing it. 


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