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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Front Porch pt 9

When I first started this porch project I had an idea in mind for how to make the porch posts and a railing. I had it all figured out, at least I thought I had it all figured out. When I did a dry fit of my idea 2 things occurred. First it was very obvious that the porch was just too small to add railings to and still be able to see what was sitting on the porch. So I decided that there would be no railing. Okay, that was fine. Then I stepped back and looked at the porch with what I had been envisioning for the posts and I immediately hated it. In my mind it was going to be so cute but in reality it just didn't work.

I posted a photo to the Facebook group and they all agreed it just wasn't going to work as I had planned it. Darn, back to the drawing board as they say.

I did some shopping and came home with several choices which I narrowed down to 2. I then put those two up for a vote on the Facebook page. The square post won with with 39 votes (at the time I started filming) as opposed to the 5 votes that the round post I had also considered got.

As for prep work, I painted the post with the same Ivory craft paint I have been using for the trim on the project. I also painted a strip of 1/16” by 1/4” wood and the ceiling area of the porch.

the strips added to the ceiling
I cute the post to the same height as the porch ceiling is at the walls. I used some of my Beacon 3 in 1 glue to firmly glue the post in place. I did use a brick to weight down the porch roof so that the post will hold the ceiling level.

After the glue was dry I added the narrow strips all around the ceiling even with where the post sits. This will be helpful in a step we are going to be doing soon.

Sorry my videos are short and far apart right now. I am still using my old laptop and it just can't handle the editing software so everything takes way too long to do.