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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Why I use the stuff I do

I wanted to take a few moments to talk to all of you about something I get asked about a lot. Pretty regularly I get messages or comments on videos questioning why I use things like foam core, paper board, etc. I will say some of those messages have actually been on the mean/rude side although most are very polite and just wondering.

Really the reason is super simple. Dollhouse miniatures are my passion. I love the hobby so much and I want to share that love with as many people as possible. I go out of my way to come up with projects that are as approachable as possible on a regular basis. That being said I also offer some projects that are more advanced and take some skill to complete. But especially with the building projects I want everyone to have a chance at doing them and being able to afford them.

With the current project, the front porch. I could have used wood instead of foam core. Then only those with access and the skills to use power tools could have done the project. Also the cost would have been much higher, especially since I am using the foam core from the dollar store. I have very little money invested in the project but I am still very happy with how it is coming along.

It is up to you if you want to make things like the door from the inexpensive materials I used or do you want to hop on over to the mini store and spend around $20 for your door. Do you want to take some inexpensive strip wood and some plexiglass to make a window or again spend your money on one from the store (again probably around $20)

If you have the skills and the access to power tools you could be making the porch project from wood. I figure those that can will figure that part out on their own though.

Personally I love to create, it is something that I actually need to do to feel like myself. I love to make things and the thrill of taking something inexpensive and turning it into something spectacular is really enjoyable for me. Even when things don't turn out exactly like I planned I still enjoy the process. I hope that you all do too.

Also I know that a lot of my viewers don't have a local miniature store to pick up things at. They either have to rely on the normal craft store or order online.

So I am going to continue to use recycled boxes and I am going to continue to re-purpose things that are easy to find in normal craft stores and the dollar store so that as many people as possible can enjoy this wonderful hobby.


  1. Joanne you are a great teacher. I have been watching your videos for a long time. I love how you turn inexpensive thinks into miniatures. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world.

  2. I love making miniatures I only just started in 2010 witch is not that long i sat down and read post after post that really interest me thanks for sharing your wonderful post

  3. Joanne please continue with what and how you are doing things. I love it. I started building my first dollhouse about a month or so ago and I cannot tell you how much your tutorials have helped me. I came across the first one that was the blue tile floor. I then searched and found your YouTube and then FB. I have seen the mean comments....ignore them. Please keep talking to us. Let them go watch the incredibly difficult videos with no instructions and no voice and sometimes not in English. I have gone back and watched several of your other tutorials and I look forward to seeing more! Keep up the good work. You're awesome!!!!