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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Dollhouse Miniature Front Porch part 6

This week we are going to add the roofing to the front porch. I am using my favorite material for roofing, simple sand paper. This week I am using 100 grit from the dollar store. It is really important that you do spray paint/seal the sandpaper before you use it but that is really all there is to do.

I love how this looks like a modern day roof and is so easy and economical to use. I usually paint mine black because I prefer how it sets off the whatever color I have used on my siding but a quick drive around the neighborhood would give you a lot of color ideas.

Here is a picture of the markings I did on the back of the pages. I have come up with the color system to make it easy for me to keep straight what lines I cut and how far. You can use any 3 colors of marker to do the same thing.

The lines on the roof start 1” up from the bottom edge and then are ½” apart all the way to the top.

After the marking and cutting are done it is just a simple job to glue the strips to the roof being sure to offset the shingles like on a real roof.

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