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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen Cabinets Part 5

This week we are going to be starting to work on the top cabinets for our kitchen project. The main thing to remember about the top cabinets is that they are not as deep as the bottom ones are. In my case my top cabinets turned out to about 1 1/8” deep while the bottom cabinets are 1 7/8” with the counter top being 2” deep. This gives that nice set back that a real kitchen has. You can of course adjust the measurements to suite how you want to have your finished kitchen.

So that my kitchen all matches I am using more of the same paper to cover my top cabinets that I used for the bottom ones. You can use whatever you want to use on yours to make your kitchen really yours. The top run of cabinets can even be a different color than the bottom ones if you want. If you need inspiration just Google some pictures of kitchens and see what is out there.

The link for making the paper I am using is in the video for part 2 of our kitchen project.

The most important thing this week is to measure correctly! Just take you time and draw a diagram like I did if that will help you. I know it helps me to get every thing cut correctly.

I know that in the photos this week the paper doesn't look smooth, that is because the glue is still drying. I am confident that when the glue dries everything will be nice and smooth. This always happens when large pieces of paper are applied with a wet glue. I decided to go with the wallpaper border paste (a wet glue) because I wanted to be sure that the paper stayed glued down. I am not as confident in the staying power of a glue stick. I did use the glue stick on the fronts for two reasons. On the larger surfaces I didn't want take chances that the glue would take forever to dry. And secondly I knew that I would be gluing over the folded over edges with the long strips that cover the sides, bottom and top of the cabinets.
If the fronts are not as securely glued down it really won't matter so much.

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