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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Tips for Dollhouse Miniature Crafting- Handy Holder

This week for my tips video I am sharing something I found in an old magazine I was looking at.

I know I almost always have bottles of glue (or paint or whatever) that I need to keep upside down so that I can get the product out of the container to use it. What to use to hold those bottles can be an issue, especially if you are worried about the product leaking out and ruining a container.

For this tip all you need is a lid from a spray can and something to hold it temporarily to your table. I used the putty that is sold for hanging posters, I always have it on hand and it usually doesn't harm the surface you put it on.

Since most of these lids, at least the ones I have include a second spot in the middle that fits over the spray nozzle they hold the bottles upside down at a fairly sharp angle. Because of this little area there are so many other things that this little holder could hold.

Another use I thought of after I turned off the camera is this would also be a fantastic place to hold those little glass bottles of model paint that are so easy to tip over on your craft table. Especially the bottles that contain paint that needs a solvent to clean up since spilling those is a huge mess.

Also you could use the center section of the lid to hold toothpicks and such.

So many uses but I have lots of lids so I’ve got it covered.  


  1. I have a solution that works even better than a spray can cap & clay. I use an empty Yoplait yogurt container. Because of it's shape, it will hold an upside-down glue bottle in place without tipping over and without the use of clay on the bottom. When I'm crafting, I always keep my white glue in the holder upside-down so that it is ready to use immediately without shaking or waiting for the glue to reach the nozzle

  2. For smaller bottle of glue, etc, I use old prescription bottles. They too are the perfect size, for stickles etc. I have a small square box that holds them all. Making crafting so much more fun!
    Thanks, hugs Jess