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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Bar Stools

The inspiration for this week's Trash to Treasure project actually came during a walk through the furniture department of a local store a while back. I found these super cute real life size bar stools that were made to look like they had been made from a bottle cap. I knew this idea would be fun to translate into 1/12th scale.

The main things you need for the bar stools are: a bottle cap, some 12 gauge wire, a scrap of foamcore, and 4 fancy toothpicks.

Other supplies and tools include: pen/pencil, craft knife, glue that will hold metal and plastic together (and not melt the foamcore) and some Tacky glue.

A circle template will be useful too.

I start us out by making a jig to help us assemble the stool. I do highly recommend you make this first even if you are only making one bar stool. It will not only help with getting the legs spread out correctly but it will also support the wire ring while the glue dries. I tried to make my first stool without the aid of a jig and quickly found out it was really hard to get everything where I wanted it.

Remember you aren't limited to bottle caps from beer, in my grocery store there are also several brands of soda in glass bottles with caps. Or just go to the craftstore and get the bottle caps there.

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  1. Great job on the stools! Keep up the good work - Troy