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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Microwave Oven

This week I decided to make a microwave oven for the dollhouse. I originally planned for this to be a single video so that is the way I filmed it. Then I started preparing to edit the video and found that I had pretty close to an hour of footage. I posted the question on the Facebook group and took opinions for a while on what the majority of people that responded thought would be the best option. So this week instead of just one Sunday Tutorial video you get 2 of them. I am planning to schedule the release of the videos to both be the same day but a few hours apart. So if part 2 isn't available when you watch part 1 just check back in a little while. I put both links at the top of this blog post but the 2nd one won't work until the video goes live. I did it this way in case I have issues getting both to upload today.

So for this project I created a PDF of the pattern pieces. You can find the download here. This is the first time I have done this so please excuse any bumps in the process. I am hopping to be able to offer more things to you this way for future projects. It will save you having to measure everything you will just be able to print off the PDF and use the pattern pieces to create the project.

When printing the page be sure that you have your printer set to U.S. Letter size (8 ½” by 11”) and that your printer is set to print at 100%. Then after printing check that the box at the bottom right corner of the page measures exactly 1”. If it does you are all set.

For this project you will need the following materials:

Printout of the PDF
Double sided tape
Paperboard (I used a cracker box)
White poster board
Tacky Glue
Jewel-It glue or other glue designed for plastic (optional, you can probably just use tacky glue)
White Craft Paint
Triple Thick or other gloss finsih (optional)
Plastic from clear packaging
Wide white ribbon (I recommend Satin) between ¾” and 1” wide (mine was 7/8”)

Tools needed:
Craft knife
Straight edge
Cutting mat
Emery board
Small clamps (I used binder clips and clothes pins)
Small paint brush
Tweezers (optional)

A few notes on the assembly of the microwave oven.

With the exception of the piece marked “front” all the sides with the Poster board will go to the inside. This is the finished side for the inside of the microwave. On the “front” piece only the poster board provides the finished side that goes against the door.

When you attach the “side” pieces make sure that the word side is either correctly oriented or is totally upside down. If it is sideways it won't fit correctly.

Take you time on the cutting and assembly and you should have a piece to be proud of.

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