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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tools for Making Dollhouse Miniatures- The Ceramic Tile Work-surface

If you have watched any of my videos you have seen at least some of the ceramic tiles I like to work on. I first got them just to work with clay but soon found out they are really practical for lots of crafts, especially messy ones. They are durable, easy to clean, easy to get and inexpensive. All things I love.

Seriously you haven't picked up at least one of these you are missing out. I prefer the 12” by 12” size most of the time although if I had room for it I would probably get a couple of the 18” by 18” size by since I film most of what I do and they wouldn't fit under my tripod they wouldn't work for me. Maybe if I get a different tripod????

Anyway, I just wanted to share my favorite work-surface with all of you. Come back in a couple of weeks and I will give you some hints on cleaning your tiles.

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