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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dollhouse Wiring 101 pt 6 Finding the Tapewire to Install Lights

So now you have all the wallpaper covering up your tapewire and you want to install some lamps in your roombox or dollhouse. But with the wallpaper in place you can no longer see the tapewire so how do you find it?? It is really easy. We did a couple of things way back when we started to make this step easier. Remember that line I had you draw all around your room? The one I told you to center your tapewire on when you applied it. That was one of the things we did to make finding the wire easier. That combined with those pictures I told you to take of the wiring will give you a pretty good idea of where that tapewire runs along the wall. Now we just need to use the test probe that came with our wiring kit to get a precise placement. Just gently poke the prongs of the prob into the wallpaper where you are fairly certain the tapewire is (you will need to have the wiring system plugged in to do this) and when the probe lights up you know you have found your tapewire. On a wooden structure I suggest using a pencil to mark where the holes from the test probe are so they are easier to find again. Now you just need to make holes for either your brads or grommets and install your fixture. See I told you this was an easy step (as long as you followed the steps earlier in the process)

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