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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Corner Roombox pt 5 Supply List

This week's video will be a continuation of the roombox series and we will be putting in the lower level floor. Here is what you need to follow along with me.

A piece of poster board that is bigger than you floor.
Wallpaper paste/ Yes! Paste (whatever you used for the wallpaper)
Brush to spread paste
An assortment of craft paints- I am using mostly creamy colors, peaches, brown, and maybe a few metallic that blend in. If you have a wallpaper with a design pick your colors from that. Try to have at least 5 or 6 colors, more is better in this case.
An assortment of sponges, cotton balls, and anything else you can think of to “pounce” your paint on with.
A clear finish of your choice- I will be using Mod Podge

Optional- you might want to use a large tile or other item to weight down your floor until the paste gets partially dry to avoid warping. This will depend on what your floor is made of. 

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