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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Supplies for Wiring part 4 video

This week we are going to be wiring in the front porch light and prepping the walls for the wallpaper to come next week.

I had thought we would get to the wallpaper this week but that would have made for a much longer video. As it is we are right about 30 minutes this week. I am trying my best to keep this series of videos shorter so I don't overwhelm you guys.

So for this week we need the following:

The structure you are wiring
Your basic wiring kit (the one we have been using)
Something to punch a hole in the front wall of your structure. (if you are using foamcore the pilot punch from the wiring kit works just fine. If you are working on a wooden structure you will need a drill with a really small bit)
Front porch light
Craft knife
Glue (I used Beacons 3-in-1 but anything that will dry clear)
Brass brads and/or grommets
Paper tape (from the first aid aisle of the grocery store)
White primer paint (if you are working on a wooden structure)

Matte sticker paper sheet cut into 1” wide strips- I am using this to help hold the tape wire and the splice I made with the grommets more secure)

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