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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dollhouse Wiring 101 pt 3 Tape-wire Placement

This week on our wiring series we are going to install the tape-wire in our roombox but, first we are going to make a tool for marking some of our placement lines.

In a dollhouse build you would have already painted the interior with a white primer before starting this step.

The tool we are making is really simple and is made from scraps of either foam core or wood (or both) You simply need to build up a small block that is about ¾” tall. The exact measurement will vary depending on your pencil.

When it is complete just tape your pencil on the top and you can now draw a straight line 1” off the floor. Much easier than trying to juggle a ruler and a pencil in tight places.

And speaking of tight places this is the perfect place to use one of those short pencils that has been sharpened almost to nothing. It is much easier in a dollhouse room to use a short pencil on a block than to try to work with a nice new long pencil. Trust me on this one....

Once you have your pencil ready to go I recommend placing either a page flag or a dot sticker on the spots you want to place your lights. This will help you visualize where your tape-wire needs to run. For ceiling lights mark on the floor above.

Once you have figured out where you are going to place specific lights it is time to run the general tape-wire runs. By having this basic run of wiring in your house you can add more lights in the future, things like floor lamps and table lamps. You can even wire a fireplace to it if you want to (although if you use a flickering unit it could make all your lights flicker)

If you are working in a dollhouse with a stair well that is the best place to take the wire up to the next floor. If not then you can do as I did here and make a spot where the ceiling/floor meets the wall.

The most important part of wiring, in my opinion, is to test after every connection. That way you can trace problems much easier.

When you have your wiring in place take a lot of pictures. Then immediately print them. If you have a notebook for your building (something I highly recommend) put one copy of the photos in there. Then take another set, put them in an envelope and tape that to the bottom of the building. Someday when you need to find the wires you will be very glad you did this. 


  1. Great video!! Do have one question. When do you use brads and when do you use grommets for your connections?

    1. Just to clarify. You may have told us in Part 2, but I couldn't remember.

  2. It's incredible how these dollhouses are built much like actual homes, on a small scale level.