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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tools For Making Dollhouse Miniatures- Chalks and Brushes

This week I thought I would talk a bit about the chalks I use for making dollhouse miniature projects and the brushes I use to apply them. Primarily I use these for making doll foods but there are other projects you could use them on. Really any clay project that you want that translucent effect that chalk gives. I am thinking that I should try making some doll dishes and use chalks on those. I think that might be fantastic.

Anyway the products shown in the video are the ones I use the most. The stick chalks are from Michael's but any similar product will work just as well. Here is a link for the ones I have if you are looking for them.

The brushes are just cheap eyeshadow brushes for the dollar store. Look for the ones shaped like the ones I showed in the video (and in the photo at the top of the page) I like that shape the best. 

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