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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Trash to Treasure Umbrella Stand

This week's trash to treasure is super easy and probably one of the shortest videos I have ever made.

This one is really all about training your eye to see the possibilities of things you already have. So take a look at the nearest tube of lipstick and see if you can see the lid as an umbrella stand. Most of the lids but not all will work. I am sure you can even find some nice ones at the Dollar Tree and then they are really cheap. Mine all happen to be Avon because I have way more tubes of Avon lipstick than anyone will ever need.

If you the lid of your tube is too curved to stand you could even glue a button on for a base.

I know I had just seen a bunch of those umbrellas we made a few years ago but I can't find them today so I just used some fancy toothpicks to act as the handles of the umbrellas to so you could get an idea of how they would look filled.

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