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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Dollhouse Miniature Easy Corner Roombox pt 2

First let's talk about the door. Since I want this project to be super easy and inexpensive (the room part) I decided to use some paperboard (cracker box) to make the fake door for the front. I really don't want the door to go through the wall into the interior. I could have used wood but I had the cracker box here and wood would have required a trip to town. Besides I love working with paperboard, it is fun to make it look like something it isn't.

As far as cutting sizes you will need:

I piece 3” by 7” for the door.

Then some strips that are ½ “ wide
2 @ 6”
2 @ 3”
2 @ 2”
1 @ 1 ¼”
1 @ 1 ½”
1 @ 2 ¼”

Then you will also need some pieces ¼” wide that 3 layers thick to surround the door.

Be sure to try each piece on your door before you start gluing and trim as needed.

When the door is complete glue it centered to the front wall.

Now the siding

This week we are also going to be adding some siding to the exterior of our corner roombox. I decided this would be a good time to show you a method I have wanted to share on this channel for several years.

I had first learned about this just after I purchased the siding for my Brookfield dollhouse. I have wanted to try it out ever since. I am so glad I did this on this roombox but I really wish I had tried it before, it works even better than I imagined.

So the material we are using is the cardboard tack strip that is made for upholstery. It is used at the back of upholstered furniture to help make the top of the fabric that covers the back have a nice straight line.

The roll of the strip I bought was 20 yards long so you get a lot to work with. I think I will be thinking of some more projects for it.

A few hints-

Be sure to measure the width of the strip with your ruler. You want to make sure that only is the strip the size you think it is but that your ruler is correct also.

Especially on the longer pieces try to take some of the curve out before you try to glue it down. Take my word for it that will make your life much easier.

Only glue on a few strips at a time. You don't want to accidentally move the pieces around. You really want this to be straight.

The most important thing is to take you time and work carefully. This took me all week to do for the video.

Next week we are going to go on to the introduction of the electrical series then the following week we will come back to our roombox to finish the exterior some more. 

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