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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree Ornaments

This week we are going to make some ornaments for our trees. This is a slightly different method than I have shown before. Here is a link to the video I did previously that uses a head pin with the beads. This time we are using eye-pins with the beads. I like both methods and it depends on what your beads are like which will work best.

If you have beads that are decorative and/or have small holes (that the ends of the head pin won't slip through) then use the method in the other video. If on the other hand you have beads with larger openings this method will work better.

I am not sure if these are going to be as durable as the other ones.

The biggest advantage I see to these are that we don't have the head pin showing on the bottom of every ornament.

The fabric paint seems to hold the pin in well under normal use and these are especially pretty if you are going to display a box of ornaments in your scene.

Next week I plan to start showing you how to decorate some of these ornaments so if you want to jump in on that project right away do some prep this week.

One of the biggest advantages of this project is that we can use whatever beads are the correct size to make our ornaments. The color doesn't matter at all since it will be covered. I was even able to use pony beads to make some of the ornaments and they seem to work just fine. (I am not sure how sturdy they will be though)

On the disadvantage side I am not sure how well the paint will hold the eye-pin if they are handled roughly and they are much slower to make than the other style.

My suggestion would be do some of each.

Now onto some hints for getting your ornaments to turn out their best.

Work clean, keep a wet wipe handy and clean up any fabric paint that squirts out.

Make sure that your hooks are straight as they dry. I didn't come back and check on mine and some of the hooks leaned to the side as they were drying.

If your fabric paint sinks down as it dries fill in with a bit more and check it when dry.

As you paint the ornaments with the nail polish again work clean and clean up any drips. I found that the faceted bead did drip a lot more than the other ones.

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