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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Ornament Decorating part 2

This week we are continuing to decorate some of the ornaments we made in an earlier tutorial. This time my medium of choice is some simple glitter glue, the stuff from the kid's crafts area of the store. I love this stuff for things like this. It adds some glitz and it a really inexpensive medium.

I am sorry there aren't any more photos this week I had a horrid problem getting the glitter glue to dry because of how cold my house is today. By the time it was dry enough to handle there simply wasn't enough light to get a decent photo. Since I didn't get around to filming this until Saturday afternoon I am just out of time if I want to get this tutorial posted on Sunday morning. I was going to film on Friday but my thumb was too sore to hold onto anything at that point. (it is much better today, don't worry)

I hope to get back to some more ornament ideas I have but I want to also do the tree topper and some garland so I am not sure. If we don't get to all the ornaments this year there is always next year too.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I apologize for how short this blog post is but I need to get this posted.

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