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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Ornament Decorating part 1

Watch the video here.

This week we are going to start decorating some of the ornaments we made last week. I am trying to keep this simple an d still have some really cool looking ornaments. You really only need to do a few decorated ones to sprinkle around the tree. Then fill in with plain ones.

I am using the Art Deco polish from LA Colors, I think it is slightly thicker than regular polish and it works really well for this project. That long, thin brush is really handy too. I got all of mine at the Dollar Tree over a period of several years.

For the first ornament I decided to use a blue base and make flower/snowflake design on it. This is super simple to do with dotting tools.

The second ornament is a take on one my mom used to hang on our tree when I was growing up. I loved the bright red ornaments with their simple white line in the middle and a touch of silver glitter. I think the dolls will love this one too.

For our third ornament I simply used some pre-made gem flowers that are meant to go on nails. Again this was a Dollar Store purchase so it is a really economical way to decorate.

I hope you are having as much fun as I am with this series. Next week I will come up with a few more designs for you.

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