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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Shelf

I was trying to do some organizing of some stuff in my office/craftroom and came across a box that held some of the extras I had made back when I was active in a lot of dollhouse miniature swap groups. For most swaps I would make at least one or two extras of the items I made just in case.

I had forgotten all about this little shelf but it was just so darn cute I decided to make one for you today. Originally I had made the shelf all from wood and I was sure I had a piece of the wood for the back. I looked all over and couldn't locate the wood so I subbed some heavy paperboard. This time from the back of a tablet. If you do use paperboard I suggest using a similar piece since this stuff is usually really thick. I still used a double layer just to be sure it was sturdy.

Cut the back piece 1 ½” by 1”

You will also need the shelf piece I used a regular size craft stick also cut to 1 ½”. For shelf supports use a piece of dollhouse miniature moulding, here is a link to a similar product. Look through your stash and see what you have on hand that might work.

For little coat/towel hooks I used the decorative end of some decorative toothpicks.

Just glue everything together and paint or finish as desired.

One the one from the swap box I had glued some little bottles made of beads to the shelf and I love how that looks. A mini box of Kleenex or a small vanity mirror would be really adorable too.

So that is how easy this one is.

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