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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Flyswatter

The end of summer and beginning of fall always means a lot more flies trying to get into the house. No matter how hard you try they seem to get in anyway. Especially if you have kids that go in and out all day long. At least that's how it is here where I live, on a farm.

I was browsing some photos of dollhouse scenes the other day and got to thinking that is really is the little things that make the scene more realistic. Things like a flyswatter off in a corner somewhere.

And think of the mini scenes you could stage with a flyswatter, how about a kid that has knocked something down in his eagerness to get that fly. Just let your imagination go wild and come up with something wonderful. Or for some realism just stick that flyswatter in logical place in the dollhouse that someone might notice while looking around (my real one reside on the top of my fridge at the back corner)

So for this project we really only need a couple of things some cardsock, some tulle, some fine wire and some glue. Along with cutting tools and a jumbo craftstick.

I picked a bright pink today mostly because I have 2 colors of tulle (white and bright pink) and I figured the pink would be easier for you to see. According to the Joann's website the tulle in the 6” wide rolls comes in around 30 colors and it is priced at under $5.

Once you have everything together fold the paper so you can work on a fold. Draw a line 3/16” from the fold then again at 1/8” from the fold. Next mark off ½” areas. Then mark the end cuts about 1/16” form one end and 1/8” from the other.

I find it much easier to cut out this little square area before I cut the shape away from the cardstock piece. Just be as neat and careful as you can be.

Be sure to cut the little corners off to give your flyswatter the iconic shape.

Now glue one of those shapes to the tulle and set aside.

Create the handle and then assemble the flyswatter.

It really is an easy project, it is just a bit fiddly trying to cut that inner shape out to create the frame of the flyswatter.

If you make a scene with your flyswatter I want to see it. Be sure to send me a picture or post one of the Facebook page.

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