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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Chenille Stem Teddy Bears

First please ignore how horrid my nails look this week. I felt they needed some time not having any polish or acrylic on them.

So this week we are making some really cute little teddy bears out of chenille stems. I love this project and I feel like this is just the tip of what can be made. Just think- longer ears you have a bunny, maybe the ears could be larger and bent down for a dog, let your imagination take hold and create an entire toy store of stuffed animals. If you do be sure to share a photo with me!

I usually use the tiny little glass seed beads for the eyes and nose but decided to try my Scribbles 3-D paint and I like the result. It is a lot easier to get the eyes and nose where you want them but the trade off is it doesn't look as nice as the beads. It is up to you which route you take to finish off the face.

I am always amazed by the difference in these little guys when I get the eyes and nose on. They go from just looking like a lump of chenille stems to a stuffed animal.

I know there are several different ways to make these guys this is just the way that works the best for me.


  1. Link to video not working??? Marilyn

  2. so cute, I need some for my barbies :)

  3. I fixed the link, I know it worked earlier, not sure what happened to it.