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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Crackers

First off I wanted to let you all know why the “Sunday” tutorial did not show up until Thursday this week. I had a really busy week last week because my oldest son got married on Saturday. I was busy making my dress to wear (yeah, I put it off until the last minute) and I have to admit I was a bit on edge worrying about everything coming off on time and with no major problems. I am very happy to report that the day was wonderful and even the weather was perfect!

So on to our project for this week. Originally I was going to make the cheese before I made the crackers but at the last minute I decided to do the crackers first. For one thing they are a bit easier and quicker to do. For the crackers we are building on some of the skills I have shown you in the past.

The next tutorial will be the cheeses, I am currently planning for 4 types. After the cheese I am thinking we will want some fruit for the dolls to eat with the cheese and crackers. Then I will show you how to put the cheese board together.

I made 3 basic types of crackers this time but by taking my methods and changing out the colors of clay and the shapes of the crackers you make any crackers you want. I purposely made my crackers in the video to not reproduce any specific real cracker, at least none that I am familiar with. I wanted to leave it up to your imagination what ones you make.

The basic clay mix of equal parts white and beige clays is the place to start for just about any cracker you can think of. The brands of clay don't really matter in this project. Today the clays I used were a white from Premo and beige from Sculpey, mostly because those were the ones that I found first in the correct colors.

The first cracker is a simple round shape with 4 larger holes in the top. Super simple to make. For this one I used a brown chalk to dust over the top.

For the second one I added just a touch of Fimo Sunflower yellow to the base mix, not enough to make the clay really yellow, just a hint of color. To shape this one I rolled the clay very thin and used the teardrop Kemper cutter. Use whatever shape cutter you have that is about the same size (3/16”) Remember crackers come in all kinds of shapes.

For the last example I added just a touch of Premo Burnt Umber to the base mix. This made a light brown. For this one I just cut the clay into a series of tiny squares. See you don't need to have any fancy cutters to do this project.

I did brush each variety of cracker with a different color of chalk. The chalk does two things (at least 2) it highlights the texture you have given you crackers and it makes them looked more baked.

So pull out your polymer clay and have some fun making crackers. And be sure to show me what you are working on. 

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  1. I've very much enjoyed your Youtube tutorials. I'm building my own dollhouse from scratch, using my own plans, and will be furnishing it with a mixture of purchased and homemade items. My blog is I'm going to use your instructions for making towels out of baby washcloths - what a great idea! I've already ordered some baby washcloths. Thanks so much for all your great ideas!