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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Bed

This week we are finally getting the bed made to go with the headboard I made last time. Sorry for not getting this done last week, but real life took over.

I like to keep this part really simple and I like to use what is on hand. We aren't going to see most of this when we are done so keep that in mind. The basic shape is made of a layer of foam core and a layer of builder's foam. Builder's foam is a sturdy foam insulation that can be found at home improvement stores. I got my 8' by 4' sheet of it several years ago. I have made a ton of projects from it and I am trying really hard to use up the last of it. I have also made beds using regular Styrofoam and the softer foam that is sold in fabric stores for real furniture. As long as you have the sturdy foam core on the bottom any of those will work. I personally like the builder's foam a bit more than the other options but use what you have (or have access to)

I cut both the foam core and the builder's foam to 3 ¾” by 6 ½” and then glued them together. This glue needs to dry completely before we go on to the next step.

After our layers are glued together we need to cover the “mattress” I like to use white craft felt squares for this. The weight is really good for covering, it will give us a neutral base under whatever material we decide to dress our bed with, the edges won't fray, and it gives a fantastic surface to work on because the fabrics we layer over it won't slide around while we are working on the dressing step.

I used 2 felt squares (they measured 9” by 12”)

I cut one into 2 pieces 9” by 6” and the other one I cut off two pieces 1 ¼” by 12”

Then we just need to glue the felt on. I started out with my normal white glue but it was taking way too long so I switched to the dreaded hot glue gun to finish up. I really prefer to use liquid glue.

For feet I like to use 4 regular push pins like you would use in a bulletin board. I thought for sure I had some white ones but couldn't find them so I used 4 clear ones. You can use whatever color will go with the finished bed you are making. 

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