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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Grocery Set

This week I actually had another project planned, and half way completed but it became very obvious that I just would not get it done in time for this week's tutorial. Instead of panicking I got out the kits that Ann from Paper Minis had sent me a while back and picked one that many of you had requested. Okay, I picked two but I only had time to put together one of them, so we will save the other kit for another time.

The kit I picked today has a grocery bag and some boxes and bags of staple items for your dollhouse kitchen. These are a little on the tedious side because of the size but they turn out so cute that they are well worth the effort it takes. I do recommend spreading the project out over a couple of days so you can work in short periods of time. If I try to do too much at one time on these small kits I find myself making dumb mistakes and getting careless.

You will need some thing to cut with I decided to use scissors today, something to score the fold lines with and some glue. So very few tools or supplies are needed for these kits. Oh and good lighting is also important because you want to be able to see all the details as you work.

I hope you enjoyed the video and be sure to go over to Paper Minis and have a look around. Ann has so many wonderful kits on her site. I am sure you will find some thing your dollhouse just has to have. LOL

Here is the link to the kit we made today.

Oh and if you do buy from Ann let her know I sent you over. We really enjoy hearing from all of you when you go to look at her site. And if you make up some of her projects be sure to send pictures to both Ann and to me, we both love to see what you are working on. (and Ann might put your pictures in her newsletter too!)

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