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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Faux Ceramic Tiles

Once again this week I am showing you a project that was inspired by the Frugal Crafter's Channel. If you haven't checked out her channel, well, what are you waiting for? Here is a link, go have a look around.

This time we are going to make some faux ceramic tiles. This project is really more of an inspiration than last week's wood was. This week I had to make some changes to get the end result I was looking for and some simply because I didn't have the materials and/or supplies Lindsay used in hers. Also I just wanted the tiles not the stamping technique she was showing.

So for paper I am using some glossy photo paper that I got at the Dollar Tree. There are 8 sheet for a buck so this is a really inexpensive project. I have a lot of different colors of ink because I love to rubber stamp and make cards. You can use any ink you want for yours. I like the Distress Inks from Ranger because they come in fun colors and I happen to have most of them. I almost always buy my ink in the small mini size- a lot cheaper and they take up less room. I like to have lots of color choices when I dig through my ink.

For this project we are going to use a scoring board and score what will become the grout lines in between our tiles. I went over each score line twice to make it slightly more pronounced that it would have been if I had just went over the lines one time.

I wanted to make my tiles to look like 12” tiles so my score lines are 1” apart. You can make pretty much any size tiles you want, just adjust your score lines.

I found that using the ink pad in a circular motion and not pressing too hard was the best way to apply the ink. Don't stay in one spot too long or you will do what I did in the first area I worked on and fill in your grout lines.

Once the ink was dry I used my white gel pen to touch up the grout lines. This worked pretty well except in the area I was really heavy handed with the ink. I think a white fine line paint pen might be a better choice in that area. Or just be more careful of how you apply the ink, in other words learn from my mistake.

So this is another project that I am showing you how to make a basic supply and I want to see how you use it. So if you use these tiles in a project be sure to send me a photo. 


  1. They look fantastic - perfect timing for me as I was on a hunt for splashback tiling. Thank you as always.

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