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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dollhouse Miniature Wall Shelf

This week we are going to add a shelf to one of the walls of the garage building. I would normally wait to add shelves until after I was further along with the building but I decided it would be much easier to film the process without the roof in the way.

Now what should I put there???

Ever since I did the tour of the Toy Store a while back I have been getting requests to do a tutorial on how to put up shelves similar to the ones I had on the wall in there. These are super easy and can be used in so many mini rooms that I decided it was a priority to get this one out to you all.

The first step is to decided where you want the shelf to be. You need to be really sure about this since we are gluing this shelf to the wall. Once it is up there is no going back without re-doing the entire wall. Once you are sure mark the placement and make a straight, level line. Don't eyeball this, go get a real level, again this isn't going anywhere once we glue it in so take a few moments and be sure of where to put it.

Now that you have a placement line you need to cut a bracket. You can use a single bracket that runs most of the length of the shelf or you can cut small pieces and have separate brackets at each end. I like the look of the single one for this project because it seems like it will look stronger.

I used a piece of ¼” by ¼” Basswood for my bracket. If you want to dress the shelf up you can use a piece of a molding.

For the shelf I like to use jumbo craft sticks. They are a good size and weight of wood and I buy them by the huge box so I always have a bunch on hand. Just cut off the rounded ends and you are ready to go. If you need to have a longer shelf that the craft stick will provide I suggest using a piece of ¾” by 1/16” Basswood. Balsa wood would not be a good choice for this because it is too soft.

If you are going to paint or otherwise finish your shelf and/or bracket you will need to do that before you glue it. For this project I am leaving mine as just the bare wood. You can finish you shelf anyway you want to fit into almost any setting.

Now it is time to glue the bracket to the wall. I like a really thick tacky glue for this with a few dots of a super glue along the length. The tacky glue will hold long term and the super glue acts like a clamp to keep the shelf from slipping before the tacky glue is dry.

Bracket glued to the wall

Inspection time, did we get that bracket on straight?

Allow the glues some time to set up, at least let the super glue get good and set up before you proceed.

Now run another bead of both glues on the top of the bracket and place the shelf in the desired location.

Once both the glues are completely dry you can put your minis on the shelf.
See that was really easy wasn't it?

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