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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Gravy

This week are making another item for the dollhouse holiday dinner table, some gravy to go with those potatoes from last week. I mean really what dinner would be complete if you had mashed potatoes and no gravy??

This is another really simple project. The first step really is to figure out what container you are going to use to house the gravy. I chose to make both a saucepan of gravy and a gravy boat to put on the table. You could use any container that you have as long as it is bake-able. I left the clear coat of Triple Thick off the gravy boat this week so that I could add it after I was done with the baking since the Triple Thick does tend to bubble even at the low temperatures we bake the clay at.

To get the gravy we are using just a couple of materials some Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS) and some oil paint to color it. I used both some burnt umber and a touch of white paints to get a nice gravy color. Remember the baked color will be slightly darker than it appears when you mix in the TLS. The TLS looses some of it white color as it bakes.

After you have the amount of gravy in your container(s) just bake according to the directions on your TLS bottle.

When completely cooled coat the gravy and the container with some Triple Thick as desired.

I love how this looks when done and put on the table in the dollhouse.

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