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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Cookies

This week I decided to continue with the Halloween theme that we started last week with some really cute (and easy) cookies.

I was looking at one of my Halloween cookbooks the other day and happened on a recipe that was showing how to use a simple heart shape cookie cutter to make some really cute pumpkin shaped cookies. The little light bulb in my brain went off with the realization that would work just as well for mini cookies for the dollhouse. I have spent so much time over the years trying to find a good source for clay cutters to make cookies for the dollhouse. It is next to impossible to find nice shapes that are small enough to make a normal sized cookie in this scale. I have long used the flower shaped Kemper cutter to make gingerbread men but I had never thought to use either the heart or the teardrop for pumpkins before. This might not be new to some of you but for me it was just a wonderful discovery.

So for today's project I am concentrating on just the decorating of the cookies and not much time on the basics of the cookie base. I think most of us have made cookies before and because I want the emphasis on the decorating I really don't think the rest is important.

So just use your favorite dough colored clay, there are options in every clay line. I used a mixture of equal parts Sculpey III Beige and Tan clays simply because that was leftover from a project I did a few days ago.

Roll your clay out fairly thin (I used the #3 setting on my pasta machine) and cut your cookies using the smallest heart or teardrop cutters from Kemper. These measure right around ¼” in size so they are a perfect size for 1/12th scale. The setting I used is just a tad too thick but that is because I wanted to use my finger to flatten the cookies slightly onto a piece of sandpaper. This gives just enough texture to make them look like a real cookie.

Bake the cookies directly on the sandpaper according to the directions on you clay package. The allow the cookies to cool completely. It is really important that they are cool for the next step.

Transfer the baked cookies to a piece of tape or other surface that will keep them in place as you work on them.

Now use a dental pick or similar tool and some orange fabric paint to make lines on your cookies to transform them into pumpkins. Allow this to dry then add a drop of green fabirc paint to the very top tip for a stem/leaf.

And there you have a really convincing pumpkin shaped cookie for the doll's Halloween party table. 

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