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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Paint Roller

The paint rollers I am showing this this tutorial are very similar to some that I used to make many years ago to sell. Back in the day I made a set with the paint roller, a drop cloth (very paint splattered) a paint tray and a can of paint. The paint rollers I made for those sets were based on a certain bead that I found that was the perfect size to create the roller portion. When I ran out of those beads I searched everywhere and wasn't able to find anything that would work. That was the end of those cute sets. I have looked off and on for years to find a replacement for the beads and never had any luck. Then the other day as I was trying to come up with a topic for this week's tutorial it suddenly occurred to me that the bead would be easy to make! So this week we get to make some paint rollers. Be sure to let me know if you would like to see some more parts of that old set as tutorials.

So the first step to making the paint roller is to create a simple paper bead. Paper beads as super simple to make and can be used in so many ways. We are actually going to be making two of them today.

For the first bead you will need a strip of card stock (I like to use white for this part) that is ¾” by 4 ½”. You will need to pre-roll this strip of paper, I used the blade from my scissors just like I would if I was curling a piece of ribbon to make a bow. Then roll the strip into a cylinder and check how big it is. You want this bead to be right around ¼” in diameter. When you have the bead the size you want add some Mod Podge or glue (I just use my fingers for this step) just don't put any glue at the beginning of the strip. You want this to bead to slip off the toothpick when dry. I like to start my bead on a really thin double pointed knitting needle but that is optional. You could just start it in your fingers if you want to. Wind the paper up to make a nice tight bead and coat it with more Mod Podge (or glue) and balance it on a toothpick stuck into either a drying board or a piece of foam. Allow the bead to dry.

This next step is optional- use an emery board to smooth the spot where your paper strip ended. It just takes a few moments and will make your bead look nicer.

Now coat the sides of the bead with more Mod Podge and roll it in some white flocking. This makes your paint roller look all fluffy just like the real thing. Balance it on the toothpick and allow to dry again.

Use a ¼” hole punch to make two little circles of card stock to cover the ends of your bead. This will both make it look more finished and prevent the head pin we are using in the next step from sliding out.

After the glue on the end pieces dries use a sewing pin to make a tiny hole in each end then thread the bead onto a jewelry head pin. The ones I used today are 2” long and they were the perfect length for the paint roller.

Bend the wire as I show in the video.

Now cut another strip of paper that is ½” by 1 ¼” and pre-roll it. Using lots of glue or Mod Podge form this strip on the end of the head pin to form the handle of the paint roller. Remember you can have some fun with this strip because the handles on paint rollers come in a lot of different colors. Allow to dry.

By the way if you have problems keeping the handle (the bead you made last) you might need a drop of super glue to help hold it.

Give the handle a final coat of either Mod Podge or clear nail polish and you are ready for the dolls to do some home improvement projects in the doll house.

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  1. I love all of your tutorials and this little paint roller is no exception, it's so simple but so realistic! Thanks so much for the time you give sharing your ideas.