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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Lunch Bags

Since school is set to start here any day now I thought we should make sure the kids in the dollhouse don't go hungry at lunchtime this year.

I love to make lunch bags in doll size, they are sooooo easy and at the same time just soooo darn cute!

The first version is the traditional paper lunch bag that many of us grew up using. Just a brown paper bag. I usually use a real brown paper lunch bag to make them too. The paper is so thin and looks so perfect in doll size. It is very delicate though so be especially careful when scoring your fold lines.

Of course you could use any paper you want to. Even in real life there are paper lunch bags in many colors and designs.

Then for our second version of the lunch bag I decided to go a bit more modern. Every store I have been into the last few weeks has a huge display of the re-usable, insulated lunch bag. After all they are much better for the environment and they kind of keep the kids lunch at a better temperature. So I figured with a few simple tweaks my standard lunch bag pattern could join the modern world. For this one I recommend using a card stock weight paper but any color will work, you could even use a tiny printed paper. This bag is just begging to be decorated, so if you make on and decorate be sure to let me see it!

Now for the cutting and scoring measurements.

For the basic paper lunch bag:

Tear a straight edge- this will be the top of your lunch bag.

Score 1” away from this edge
Cut ¼” away (1 ¼” total height for the paper strip)

Now from one end :
Score at:
½”, ¾”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”
And cut at 2”
You should have a ½” area (bag bag) ¼” area (side 1) ½” area (front of bag) ¼” (side 2) and finally another ½” area (the back overlap)

Fold the sides as I showed you on the video and then trim and glue your bag togther.

For the modern bag:

From the long edge
score at ¼”, 1 ¼” and cut at 1 ¾”
Now from one end score at the same measurements as for the paper bag.

Now just follow the steps I took in the video to assemble.

These are sooo simple I am sure you will be able to make up enough of them for an entire mini class room in no time at all. 

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