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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Coke

Let me start by asking a question that has popped up a lot lately. Yes, we will be getting back to the garage building project. It has just been too hot here to work on any large projects lately and now that it has cooled off (at least for the last few days) I have so many things that I have to get caught up on. As soon as the weather is more comfortable and I get caught up with other things we will work on it again.

Now on to today's project! This week I decided to look through the complimentary projects over at PaperMinis again. I love Ann's projects and I was in the mood for something quick and fun to do today. Since it is still summer I thought the dolls might need some cans of coke to keep them refreshed.

It is really easy to take advantage of these free projects all you have to do is go over to the Paper Minis site (link here) and sign up for the free newsletter. In every newsletter (usually toward the bottom of the page) is a link to the library of these free projects.

Most of the free projects come in 3 scales: dollhouse (1/12th), Barbie (1/6th) and American Girl (1/3rd) this is the smallest scale but all the scales go together pretty much the same way. You will need to adjust the size of the punch to cut out the tops and bottoms of the cans in other scales Or just use scissors for this step.

The projects come in the form of a PDF that you can download to your computer so you can print it out. The only real secret to printing these is to make sure your printer is set to print as “borderless” (it might be called something different on your printer but it should be similar. On my printer I go to the preferences tab to tell it this. If you skip this step your things you print out will not be the correct scale for your doll.

I used plain, cheap white cardstock this time. You do need something of about that weight for the box. You can use a glossy paper but sometimes the ink will crack on glossy paper.

After you have everything assembled just give your cans a coat of a gloss finish and the box a coat of satin and you ready to display.

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