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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Bird Bath

I have been asked so many times over the years about the bird baths that I have placed in a couple of my outdoor scenes. I had not been able to find the wooden shape I had used for the basin portion for a long time. On a recent trip to the craft store I ran into a display of these again.

I have misplaced the label but I believe the part that use for the basin is called a plate. They are about 1 ¼” to 1 ½” in diameter.

I also used three of the small wooden spools and a wooden disk.

I have also used the small wooden plant pots for the upright post where I used the spools this time. They both work really well it just depends on what I have on hand and how I want it to look this time.

I am positive you can find other parts that will work just as well as what I show you today.

When I use the spools I usually add a short piece of bamboo skewer or a piece of a skinny dowel to give some added support.

We start by gluing the parts together with some Tacky glue (or whatever glue you have that you know will hold wood together)

Really this project is not one where you need to go out and buy a ton of stuff. Just use what you have and make it yours. I love relaxed projects in the summer.

After the glue dries give the project a base coat of craft paint. I use a brown on the wooden disk base and a gray on the rest. After the paint is dry coat the gray part with Matte Mod Podge (or a thin white glue) and coat it with some sand. I used a bag of kind of course sand from Dollar Tree this time but any sand will work. We are just adding texture to make it look like a concrete type piece. If you want your bird bath to look like one of those pretty ceramic ones skip this step and paint it a beautiful color instead.

After the sand application is dry give this area another coat of gray paint. Allow to dry.

Now coat the base with some thick glue and coat it with some dried (used) coffee grounds- our standard “dirt” and allow to dry.

Make sure the gray paint is completely dry and then add your “water” to the top of your birdbath. I usually use Crystal Clear Gallery Glass but use whatever you normally use for water in these type of things. I think Triple Thick would do well in this too.

Clear Gallery Glass goes in white but does dry to a clear after time. Mine this time is taking forever to go to the clear state. I am pretty sure it is a combination of the fact I put in a bit too much at one time and the high humidity we have right now. Normally when I make things like this I put them under my lights to speed the drying time. With our high temps I haven't been turning on extra lights.

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  1. Muchas gracias por tus explicaciones. Un saludo, Eva