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Sunday, June 21, 2015

So Just Where is This Week's Tutorial

You might be wondering why there is no tutorial this week. Well, it is a combination of things. First off I got totally distracted doing other things. I have about a million projects going but not so much minis.

I did have a video started. I was going to get the doors installed and instal the exterior trim on our building project this week.

I got the first part filmed and I got the pieces painted. I had other things to do for a couple of days and when I got back to my table I found I had a problem. Apparently Buddy (my son's cat) decided that all those nice dark blue pieces of wood made wonderful toys. I found my finished wood pieces all over the floor and in the corners of the room. Unfortunately I am missing 3 rather important pieces. I did make new ones and they are drying (this time they are taped down to dry) but there is no way I am going to get them dry in time to make the video for this week.

In the meantime you can enjoy a picture of the culprit.

1 comment:

  1. So this happens in other people's houses too? Good, I thought I was alone on this! lol