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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Picnic Accessories

This week I am running way behind and we are already setting record high temperatures for this time of year. Those two things added together to inspire me to find some picnic accessory printables to put together. These are all from the Paper Minis site and are available free to subscribers to the free newsletter. Ann has some wonderful printables on her site both the free ones and even more wonderful kits that are ready for you to put together. If you haven't checked out her site be sure to go over there (here's a link) and check it out.

Now onto today's project.

I thought the the picnic accessories would be a lot of fun since we are just starting to have summer weather around here. I always assume the dolls are having the same weather as I am so they need to start getting outside more now.

The first page we work on is the salt and pepper shakers, these are really easy. All you have to do is cut the long printed strips of paper and roll them into cylinders. I like to pre-roll mine on a toothpick or something else that is small and round so they are ready to take the shape. A glue stick is probably the best way to adhere this step since we really need to cover the entire back of the strips. Then just roll them up, making sure the end of the strip meets the dotted line, and then use your fingertips to gently encourage them into a round shape. Set these aside and start cutting out the tops and bottoms. I used a liquid glue for this step. After they are put together just set them aside for the glue to dry and they are ready to put into you mini scene.

Now onto the the table linens. Anne has provided a wonderful retro looking table cloth and napkin design. I am pretty sure my mom had a set that looked just like this when I was a little girl! I printed mine on paper but I think it could also have been printed on fabric. There are lots of tutorials online to guide you. Let me know if you do this and send me a picture.

For both the tablecloth and the napkins all you need to do is cut on the outer line, score on the inner line, cut off the corners and then glue up the “hem”.

The tablecloth was a bit big for my table but that is the way it is on a picnic so I am okay with that.

The next part we did was the plates and a napkin holder. The page also includes a pattern for cutting napkins if you decide to not use the printed ones. The napkin holder is just a simple box on a base. The plates need to be shaped after you cut them out. I used my circle template and a ball tool that I use with my clay. Just gently shape the paper into a plate shape.

The last step was a little box that could contain any kind of food. Just score on the fold lines and cut out then assemble. I do find a hole punch to be a great help in getting those small interior areas cut out.

There you have it enough accessories for the doll family to get ready for their picnic.

Now I did tell you I would tell you a bit of what I have been up to that has kept me so busy. Well, I have been working on a Logo for my 18” doll channel/blog. I think I have the basic idea figured out now I have to get my son to finalize the design for me.

I have also been taking an online course about growing an online business. It has been really interesting and I feel I am learning a lot from it. I will try to tell you more about it when I get completely done with it.

I am also working on stuff so I can re-open my Etsy store. I have been not only trying to make product to put in the store but also working on packaging and labeling so that when it is received it looks nice and professional. There are so many choices out there for packaging and while I am really having fun with that portion of the planning process I admit I am also more than a bit overwhelmed.

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