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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dollhouse Miniature Planter Kit

This week I thought I would put together another of the kits I picked up at the recent Seattle Miniature Show. I do love to put together kits and it seems most of you enjoy watching them go together also.

This is another kit from Modern Miniature Magic, (you can get in touch with them here)

I picked up two kits at this lady's table and they have both been really simple and fun to put together. I do hope to get more kits from her in the future.

This one is just a simple square planter box, it is a very versatile kit and could fit into so many different scenes.

As you saw in the video this kit went together really quickly, it took less than 5 minutes to get it from opening the package to having it glued together. I only had to do a minimal amount of sanding on the edges where the pieces were attached to the scrap wood.

If you decide to use a stain on your kit remember to do this before you glue it together since any glue spots will resist the color of stain. If you are are going to either paint or use my technique you can wait to color it when it is finished. And really this kit would be really nice left as the raw wood too.

For my kit today I wanted to share something I have been playing with lately. I do a lot of different crafts and so I have a lot of different supplies. One thing I try to do though is to use as many of those supplies in as many ways as I can think of. So when I purchased some new water based markers a while back I started to think of other ways to use them. I started experimenting with them on wood and I love the way they look. Water based markers have several advantages, they are relatively inexpensive and they come in a rainbow of colors to name just a few. As far as using them to stain the wood they are virtually mess free, not something that can be said for regular wood staining techniques. Also they normally have very little smell which for some people is a big advantage over other mediums.

I played with several different colors and decided for this project I liked the green the best. The exact color I used was “Bamboo Leaves” and this marker is from the Memento line. These particular markers usually come in a set of 4 markers that are in color families. They normally run about $10 per set but they go on sale really often. I think I picked mine up on a 50% off sale. So really not bad for the quality of the markers. Especially since I have been using them for so many things since I got them.

It is up to you if you want to seal the planter when you are done. I decided not to this time because I think it looks more realistic left as is. Any wood sealer should work although I think a spray one might be better than a brush on water based type. I even tried sealing some of the marker on a scrap of wood with some clear nail polish and it worked just fine.

Now I need to find a plant to go in my planter but that might be a project for another video.

If you do contact the maker of the kit please let her know where you heard about her kits from.

In the meantime be sure to stop by the Facebook page to see what is going on over there. And also share your pictures of your projects with us.

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