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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Building a Mini Building the Wallpaper

This week we are going to put the wallpaper into our little building. I normally use Yes! Paste but I haven't been able to pick it up locally so I decided to try something else. I had heard a lot of people on one of my online groups talking about using the paste made for real size wallpaper boarders so I decided to give it a try. I found my container at the local Sherwin Williams store, that it the paint store that was most convenient to me. I am pretty sure you can find the same type of product at other stores. I paid $9.40 for the 1 quart container I picked up.

If this works as well as Yes and lasts as long that makes it cheaper, since I think I was paying around $10 for a 16 oz container. That price and size is just off the top of my head and I haven't actually looked it up.

So first impressions of the paste is that it has a very similar texture. My son did mention he could smell it out into the hallway but since spring has done a number on my nose I hadn't noticed it. He said it smelt something like a combination of glue and paint. So keep that in mind if those kind of smells bother you.

I had thought I had plenty of the paper I normally use for walls on hand so I hadn't bought any on my trip to town. Unfortunately, when I went to get my paper that was not the case. I found I had 3 sheets (or partial sheets) and they were all different colors. I needed two sheets to cover the walls in the larger section of the building. I decided to use two different colors a white and a cream. I think it will be okay in this space to do this. I may decide to age the walls a bit of cover parts of them when I fill the building so I can disguise it then.

I tried to film the making of the template for the one wall when I filmed the video but totally failed. I did go back and film that after the fact and the link to it is here.

For the smaller room I used some actual dollhouse wallpaper that has been sitting here for a couple of years. It is a plain green color and I think will be really pretty in the space when I am done.

I did get some wrinkling especially in the small room. It is kind of funny because I thought for sure the front wall was going wrinkle really badly but when it dried it was fine. The bubbles and wrinkles shrank out just fine. On the side wall however I have a huge wrinkle that didn't really show up until it started to dry. I will have to get creative to hide it when I fill the room.

If you have any questions be sure to post them. 

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  1. Hi Joanne, If the border adhesive is like the stuff we have in the UK I was told it is just a slightly thinned down version of PVA glue which is just about almost every glue we use - wood glue, tacky glue etc. Whether or not it is I just slightly thin down my Aleene's glue and that does a good job on wallpapering.