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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birdcage Pastry Tower

First let me apologize for the sniffling noises in the video. I didn't realize I was even doing it at the time. My allergies have been so bad this week I have been miserable from them. I will try to be more careful to not do that in future videos.

Now on to our project. I love this kit, it is a bit challenging but so worth it for the end result. I can tell you my biggest mistake was not getting the layers glued all the way to the edges on the first step. I missed some areas with the glue stick on the small tabs and that cause me problems when I went to assemble my shelf unit. So learn from my mistake and get those little edges glued really securely.

As with any kit be sure to read the directions all the way through before you start. That will help a lot. Also a quick dry fit to make sure you know which piece is which is also a good idea. 
Here is a link to Ruth's site: Stewart Dollhouse Creations and one to this kit: Birdcage Pastry Tower so you can go take a look.

Ruth calls for Tacky glue and I started to reach for that but decided instead to use my Tombo Multi glue. For small areas of paper it has become my go to glue. If you use Tacky I would recommend using a toothpick to apply it, that will give you much more control. I think I would stay away from any of the thinner glues for this, a thicker glue will hold faster and cause less in the way of buckling of the paper.

And yes, you do discover just what a geek I am when my cell phone decides ring while I was putting the shelf together. I usually mute my phone but forgot this time and of course it had to go off at a point I couldn't really re-do. I cut it as best as I could. So I will admit here that yes, I have all Star Trek ring tones on my phone. There now it is out in the open you realize the level of my geekiness. LOL

I did silence my phone for the read of filming.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial, I know I really enjoyed putting it together. I love how the shelf turned out. It is going to be so cute in the spot I have planned for it.

If you do buy from Ruth at Stewart Dollhouse Creations let her know you saw my videos. We had a wonderful chat about how many of you that watched my cupcake tutorial last year are still coming and purchasing that mold.

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