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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Building Kit and a New Building Tutorial Series

It has been a couple of years since I filmed my building series and I am still getting lots of questions about building. I was looking around my work room the other day and happened upon a kit that has been sitting here for long time. It had been here so long I actually had to open the package to see what it was, I had forgotten what was in there.

I found a building that I have been wanting to build ever since I got it. It has been sitting her for 5 years. Yes, you read that correctly it has sat in my way for 5 years! The main reason I never started was I could never come up with a plan of how I wanted to finish it. I actually have 3 solid ideas of what I want do. I think that is the main problem. LOL I just could never narrow it down to one idea. I kept going in too many directions.

I decided I need to finish this kit. It has sat here way too long and I want something new to do. I looked online and unfortunately the kit is no longer being made. I asked on the Facebook page what people thought about my doing a new building series with a kit that is no longer available. The response was quick and concise- everyone wanted the series and did not care what kit I used. After all the methods I will show you will work no matter what kit you have to use them on. So we will be starting a new series.

Just like the last series I will introduce the kit in the first video, look for that on Sunday. I thought I would write this blog just to let you all know the 3 ideas I have and maybe some of you would like to chime in with ideas what direction I should go, or maybe you will have a totally different idea.

I am not going to decide on the direction I am going to go for a couple of weeks. I want to attend the Seattle Mini show first to see if I find anything that sways my opinion. After all I might find something there that just speaks to me and insists that I put use it.

So here is a photo of the sketch from the kit instructions. 


As you can see it is a garage building. I also got the add on room but I have no idea how it fits on at this point. I haven't even looked at the directions yet and I can't remember. By the time I film the video I will have read through the instructions and hopefully have a better idea of what we have.

In the meantime here are the 3 ideas I have had in mind for the last 5 years.

  1. A Vintage Gas Station & Garage- I was thinking something set in the late 1950's to the early 1960's. Maybe with a car being working one and some gas pumps out front. This would be different for me in that it would involve making sure everything was from the correct era. I think it could be a fun project though.

  1. A Run Down Abandoned Garage- this one would be a very beat up run down building that has been left empty for many years. I do love to do that type distressing and it could be fun to show what could have happened to the building over time.
  1. Some kind of shop that has been put in an old building. I was thinking maybe a gift shop/ coffee shop. You know the type of place where the new owners take the old garage and make it so cute and charming. The old details are still there but with a playful color scheme and lots of neat stuff to see.

So you can see the kind of directions I am being pulled by this project, anyone care to add their suggestions? You never know one of you might have the perfect idea that I never thought of.


  1. Hi, the kit is still sold by Greenleaf dollhouses, it was the kit for the 2010 Spring Fling. I look forward to seeing your creation!

  2. Looking forward to seeing which direction you take. I like the first option. It makes me think of Wally's/Goober' Filling Station from The Andy Griffith Show.

  3. All great ideas, No. 3 sounds fun!

  4. All great ideas, No. 3 sounds fun!