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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Bottles

First let me apologize if my voice sounds a bit raspy this week. There is a wildfire about 15 miles from us and the smoke is really bad (has been all week) Don't worry unless there is a dramatic change in the wind direction we are very safe just very smokey.

Now for today's project. We are making some bottles out of Christmas light bulbs. I have had this project on my list since the beginning of the Trash to Treasure series and never remembered to do them when you could actually get the bulbs so you could make some. This year I actually put the sack containing the non-functional string of lights that I saved a couple of years ago right where I have to work around it. I figured that was the only way I wold remember to do the video. Now I can put the bag away, hopefully next time I want some bulbs to craft with I will be able to find it again.

So this is another of those projects that is so easy and you can use it in so many places. Just please be very careful since these bulbs are glass and rather thin glass. They will break easily and they will cut your fingers so BE CAREFUL!!! They are worth the effort though because they do make really cute bottles.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull out the ends of the wires.

You can easily make labels, use thin paper- like regular printer paper or for designs I love origami paper. Cut the label in any shape you like and glue it on the bottle. You can even draw a design either by hand or on the computer for whatever you want in your bottles.

Use whatever glue you have that will stick the paper to the glass.

You will have to glue your bottles in place if you want them to stand since the bottoms are just a bit round. I found the Amazing Goop type glues (one part epoxies) work the best but I think your hot glue gun would also work.

So what kind of things do your dolls have in their bottles?? Potions? Wine? Oils? ????? You tell me what yours are holding.

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