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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Too Hot to Work

This summer has been incredibly hot where I live. You have to understand Oregon usually has pretty mild summers, most years we don't hit really hot weather until August or September and even then only for a few days in a row. This year seems to be the exception. We have had temps in the 90's for what seems like forever right now. Unfortunately most of us that have lived here for very long just don't have AC, so we make due with fans and trying to stay cool.

My craftroom/office has a wonderful south facing window that normally is great but currently it is just making the room hot. I decided the other day to turn on 2 of the lights I use to tape with and in less than 5 minutes the thermometer I had laid on my work table was reading above 90 and that was only half the lights I use. So I have been doing other types of crafting instead of minis. I have been planning though and I am still on the hunt for fabric for the crib.

In the meantime I thought I would show you some of what has been keeping me busy. I don't know if I mentioned I have gotten really into card making in addition to all the other crafts I do so I decided to start a blog dedicated to all the non-mini, non-doll things I do. Here is the link if you want to check it out (the link is also at the top of the page on this blog now as well as the links to all my blogs)

I also spent some time making new lighting stands so I can hopefully get better results in my lighting for videos. I had the idea of using PVC pipe so I went off to Youtube in search of videos and found lots of ideas. Here are some photos of the new light stand with my lights all attached. I was able to get rid of the light I had on my table to free up space and I hope with some adjusting these lights will work much better.

Also this weekend I got absolutely tired of looking at the art work I have over my desk in here. So what do you suppose I did? I took the painting I had done a few years ago down and painted over it and then created this:

I really love how it turned out- by the way it really looks much straighter in person than the photo. I really should have taken a better picture but it is way too hot in here to move away from the fan. 


  1. I have those words on my ceiling fan in my craft room--create, inspire, dream, imagine. No wonder the ideas are whirling around when I'm in here!

  2. Hi Joanne! I would like to comment on your light set up! I think that your solution is Fabulous! I would like to know more about it ie, how you secured the conduit to your work surface and got the cross bar connection figured out. I have used a similar idea of using bathroom tension bars to run straight up to the ceiling from the counter and attached light brackets but your idea also looks doable and gets rid of a multitude of table lamps. Well done and please tell us more! :))


    1. Wow...I was wondering what I was keeping that bathroom tension bar for! Just have to figure out how to attach the lights.

  3. Joann I really need to get more lights and a good set-up like you have. Thanks for that pic!