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Sunday, July 27, 2014

So just where the heck is the video this week???

So are you asking yourself why this first line of the blog post doesn't direct you to a video?? That's because this week I just don't have a video for you. I have hit that proverbial brick wall when it comes to my mini projects. I just can't come up with something this week.

I had every intention of getting the crib dressed that I made a couple of weeks ago but I just haven't been able to find fabric that I really like. That is not because of a lack of fabric shopping. I have walked around every fabric store in my area on multiple occasions. I even went to one that is 50 miles away hoping they would have something I would love. I have even brought a couple of pieces of fabric home with me thinking they were “the one” but no. Once I got them home and put them with the crib I just didn't like them. I don't think the problem is so much the fabric as it is me. I just don't have a clear vision for where the project is going. I mean I know the family that it is for because I have a rough idea of who they are and how they relate to the families in my other dollhouses. I know there is a mom, a dad, a little boy and his younger sister. It is the younger sister that this crib will belong to. I just can't figure out what direction I want to do with the crib.

On the last crib I dressed (the one in the Harrison) I not only knew all about the inhabitants of the house I had ordered the wall paper for the nursery at the same time I ordered the house kit. I had fallen in love with a Noah's Ark design dollhouse wallpaper that I knew I had to use in the house. So with that wallpaper in hand I could pick the fabrics and the story came together.

This time I just can't make a decision on what fabrics to use. I do have some flat eyelet trim that will be the skirt on the crib but that is as afar as I have gotten.

In the meantime I have been doing a lot of other projects. I re-organized (I use that term loosely) my craft-room/office. I have changed things around so that I have an “L” shaped work area. The area I have always used for my minis is pretty much the same but to my left as I sit at the table is a second table that I set up for paper crafting. Because of the way I work most projects end up on both areas but it is so nice to have the paper-crafting area set up. It used to be when I wanted to work on paper minis I ended up taking them and tools to my dining room table to work on. Then I would have supplies I needed for minis in the dining room when I needed them or else I would end up making dozens of trips from one area to the other looking for what I needed. Now I still can't find the stuff but the area I need to search is much smaller.

Lately I have gotten really into card making so on these days when I just can't seem to find my mojo for minis I have made some cards that I think came out really cute.

So I have some questions for all of you. Please chime in with your answers

1- I would assume that most of you want to see how I have arranged my work space so when I finish getting it set up (and cleaned up enough to let you see it) should I do a new updated craft-room/office tour?

2- How do you get past the slump when you hit the brick wall and can't come up with new ideas, or just simply hate everything you have made?

3- I am thinking about starting a new blog where I could feature the other non-dollhouse non doll related crafts I do. Would you be interested. I will say up front I would probably not be posting on it on a regular basis just when I have time and something to share. That being said I do craft or create almost every day in some way or another.


  1. I would love a craft room tour when you get it updated -- my room is in dire need of revamping. Four years ago we moved from a 5 level house with a huge craft room to a ranch home with the basement walkout level as an apartment for my mother. Needless to say moving all the supplies I had accumulated over the 22 years in the house we vacated has been difficult to cram into the small room I have now. On a side note, I, for one, would be interested in knowing your setup for filming your videos... not that I'll be able to do anything with it for quite a while, but I'm very curious.

  2. have you thought of making your own design for the fabric and using freezer paper to print it ... When I get like that I usually reorganize my space...or should I say start to because I always find something Id forgotten about that fires the imagination (thats my excuse for a messy work room anyway)

  3. Usually a nice long shower and watching other YouTubers do tutorials gets my inspiration back. I hate those craft funks. :P

  4. Would love to see a craft room tour! I'm always looking for ways to improve mine.

    I would love to see a tutorial on bricking outside walls--either by a sheet of bricks, or individually--and mortaring (grouting) them.

  5. I'd like a brick tutorial also, perhaps with egg carton? When I'm in a slump I do some "zen" crochet or knitting - Real Life size. Something simple and soothing that doesn't need much attention, beanies for grandkids or dishcloths, it gives my creativity time to recharge.

  6. Joanne: Cardmaking is my other hobby, too; I find many of the items used in my cards also work in minis. Esp. small designs in the scrapbook paper. I would like to see a tour of your craft area, also, and would be interested in a blog using your card making skills.

  7. I am sure we all know the feeling of losing our mojo's, I lost mine for a while, I did not touch my mini's, had a holiday and just waited, I do look at Pinterest this usually wets my appetite, be kind to yourself, I am forever changing things around in my workroom, would love to see pics of yours

  8. would love to see your work area !!!! still trying to get mine set up a way that I like.

  9. it's ok, sometimes it's nice to take a break and recharge the old batteries