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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Dollhouse Miniature Bowl

This week I have been really busy but I did take a couple of minutes to film a really quick Trash to Treasure. I do apologize for not posting for a couple of weeks, I have been super busy. I decided to do some re-organizing of my craft-room/office. And then last week I went out and bought myself a new sewing machine and I have been really busy learning all the tricks it can do. I will probably write a bog post over on the 18” doll blog about it when I get more comfortable with it. Currently I am still very much in the learning phase since my old machine was about 20 years old and this new one is one of the embroidery ones. Lots of new features to get a handle on.

Now back to the project for today. There really isn't much I can say about it truthfully. It is simply a matter of using you imagination when you are out shopping and seeing things with a “mini eye” These little bead caps are perfect for small dishes in the dollhouse they look really cute with some slices of mini fruit for a fruit salad or with some mini ice cream for dessert (wow, ice cream sounds really good right now- it is really hot here this week)

Since the bead caps I got are made of metal I would feel safe baking polymer clay right in them. Just keep an eye on things and be extremely careful when they first come out of the oven. The metal will stay hot a bit longer than the clay would normally.

The bead caps come in many styles and sizes, some are definitely big enough to use with Barbie and the other dolls of that scale. I am not sure if any come big enough to use with the 18” dolls or not. I didn't think to look but there may be some that would work as a small candy dish or something for your 18” friends too.

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