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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Polymer Clay Haul

As some of you may already know Sculpey III is being discontinued and while I am a bit sad to see it go I am very happy to take advantage of the sale prices that this is causing. I know back a few weeks ago when I did my video and blog about organizing my clay I said I wouldn't be buying much more clay. Well, that was before I found this fantastic price.

I love having all the colors of rainbow available in my clay and the ease of just opening the package and making something. I know there is now way I am ever going to use up all this clay but, I got it anyway. I am using more clay now that I am also making more items for the 18” dolls, those items take a lot more clay that our little tiny dollhouse items.

Also I get a lot inspiration looking at the different colors, sometimes it is almost like the colors tell me what they want to become.

So here are photos of all the Sculpey III that I got on sale along with their color cards for my file. I do love having the cards in my notebook because it makes seeing what I have and what it looks like baked so much easier.

Candy Pink








Hot Pink

Red Hot Red



Fuchsia Pink

String Bean

Deep Red Pearl

Leaf Green

Granny Smith

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