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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Crib Kit

Like I said in the video I have been debating the merits of showing the construction of this kit for several months. I love these kits but they are no longer being made. I even asked on a Yahoo group that is for those of us in the dollhouse miniatures business about the kits. Most of the people that have stores commented that they do still see these out there. I think most of us on the group that are familiar with the kits agree they are nice little kits and it is a shame they are no longer being made.

That all being said just because something is no longer being made doesn't guarantee that you can no longer find that item. These kits do turn up on Ebay from time to time, they can still be found in some of the older miniature stores and also in other places that miniatures can be found. Just keep your eyes open for them.

I have assembled several of the cribs, they are my favorite of all the kits. I love the canopy version and I have one of those in my Harrison. I have added a few photos of that crib at the end of this blog post. The company also made a rocking chair kit (I think that one had some little accessories but I am not sure) and a bathinette type thing, that I know of- I have put all of those together. I am not sure if they had other kits or not.

Next week (providing I can find fabrics I love) we will dress the crib. That process should work with most of the other mini cribs that you might want to work with.

Before you ask about the finger all I will say is that when an index finger and a craft-knife do battle the knife ALWAYS wins. It is still very sore and it caused me to have a lot of problems holding things for the end of the video. Sorry about that. Hopefully by next week it will be healed up.

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  1. Just beautiful, Joanne, thank you for showing us this.
    All the best