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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Burgers

This week for some reason I had a lot of trouble staying on task and getting a video ready for you. I finally decided on a topic, although I was certain I had already done burgers in the past, I did a quick look at my channel and didn't find them so I went forward. Then this was one of those projects that just didn't come along the way I wanted it to. I actually had to re-do several steps and was still not 100% happy but decided to go ahead and post it anyway. So that being said this is (or should be) a relatively easy project. Normally when I make burgers they go together quickly with no problems and look great. This week, not so much. Oh well, this shows we all have off weeks. I am going to blame the Oregon weather that can't decide if it is winter or summer here. We went from freezing cold to record breaking temperatures for this time of year and now it seems to be shifting again. I think this constant switching of temperature and humidity is messing with my body because I just can't seem to get in the swing of things.

Well, now time to quit making excuses and tell you how to do this week's project.

The first clay mixture seems complicated but isn't once you get used to making it up. It is a mix that is used in a lot of polymer clay meats and is based on a color that the people at Fimo discontinued about 20 or more years ago. It would be so much easier if they would just bring the color back. In the meantime here are the colors I use:

2 parts Fimo Ochre
1 part Fimo Sahara
1 part any white
1 part Premo Pomegranate
a tiny bit of black.

For the dark red mix equal parts
Premo Pomegranate
Premo Alizarin Crimson
For the fat in the raw meat equal parts
Any white
Any transparent (translucent)

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  1. Hi Joanne! Your burgers look yummy! Good work.