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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Perfume Bottles

I have been debating whether I should do a video on this project or not for a long time. I also wasn't sure if it belonged as a Trash to Treasure or a regular Sunday video. The thing is it is just so darn easy but I do find that even projects that have been around for a long time and are really easy as still fun and informative for my viewers/readers. I decided to go with very inexpensive beads and do this as a Trash to Treasure but you can spend some big bucks on nice beads and make some real treasures if you want to.

I think the biggest thing is to be sure your glue will hold the beads without fogging whatever they are made of. I did try some super glue and like most super glues it fogged the clear plastic beads. The glue I used for the video states on the label it is for use in making jewelry. It did fog one of the little plastic beads but not as badly as the super glue did. In the end just use what you have that will hold. If you are worried about it test on an extra bead. You can always put any that did fog in the back of the display.

The materials list for this project is pretty short: beads, head pins or decorative pins, glue and wire cutters. That is really all you need!

Just have fun and be creative. Lay out your beads and see what goes together. Use the smallest beads for the lids of your bottles (or use decorative pins for the tops)

This project is really just about having fun!


  1. those are really cute, I think I will give that a try :) thank you

  2. I've been making perfume bottles, too. And other beauty items :) Just love your tiny ones!